09 July 2009

More bike-shaped food for thought

Now that I've raised the subject of chocolate, in yesterday's post, I may as well work through some of the other things popular with cyclists and researchers into headaches, such as red wine and coffee.

Finding wine with a bike on the label is easy, and I've posted previously on this subject. This has done wonders for keeping down my alcohol consumption: I can't resist buying a bottle with a picture of a bike on the label, like the one on the right, but when I get it home I don't have the heart to open it.

I can't find any bicycle-branded coffee. The nearest seems to be either bicycle mugs or, more imaginatively, a coffee table made from recycled bicycle parts. I'm not sure I like the idea of household furniture with protruding pedals you can bark your shins on though.

Bicycle-shaped pasta is available online (right). It's not cheap at £4.50 for half a kilo, so you're even more likely to suffer the wine-label problem of finding that it's too expensive to consume, so it just sits around for three years at the back of a kitchen cupboard by which time it's past the sell-by date. Like most things in the back of our kitchen cupboard. Well, I think they're past their sell-by date. I can't read Latin numerals very well.

Cakes with bikes on are common. If you do an image search on Google you'll come up with a surprising number of wedding cakes featuring the happy couple about to honeymoon on a bicycle. A previous post also has a picture of some bicycle buns.

The chocolate bike in yesterday's post can be bought from the Chocolate Vault. Their site is written in American so I can't understand it, but maybe AltaVista has a translation engine somewhere.

And yes, I did have a headache yesterday - an army-firing-range of a migraine, but sadly a spontaneous one, not triggered by any of the above. It was annoying cycling home to the oomch-oomch disco thump of a bass beat when there was no car within earshot, but at least I didn't need lights: I had flashing illumination of my own.


  1. Don't forget bikes featured on beer bottles . The link is to an American site, so you can only view it if you're 21 and older. They check, you know! My apologies to younger readers, who might enjoy this link instead.

  2. Small Cod Coffee:

    FIXation blend

    Wooden bike coffee


  3. I bought one of those wines AND had the guts to drink it! ehhe But they are quite common here in Brazil, since they are imported from Chile, as a lot of the wines available at the supermarket are.

  4. @bikejuju - thanks for those links! I think it's time for a post about cycle-cafes, so I'll incorporate your info when I do.

    @Jan - great find! Like the chap featured in your link, I've also enjoyed some well-refreshed bike tours of Belgium. The whole country, with its flavoured beers, is one enormous liquid Harvest Festival: wheat beer, strawberry beer, honey beer, banana beer, ham sandwich beer (I made that one up). Good to see a bicycle beer being added to the shopping list.

    @João - Well done! One day I'll make it to South America myself. I've done the British End-to-End so I quite fancy doing the same in Chile. It's not much further, is it?