03 July 2009

Bicycle films

Here, for no particular reason, is a list of my favourite bicycle-related films.

Sliding Dawes
Gumball Raleigh
National Lampoon's Airnimal House
Ridgeback Mountain
The Gary Fisher King

Bring Me the Headset of Alfredo Garcia
Full Metal High-Visibility Jacket
Who Aluminium-Framed Roger Rabbit?
The Texas Chain Tool Massacre
Bike Lane on Elm Street
Chafing Saddles
Miller's Toucan Crossing
Reservoir Cogs
Braking Away
Cool Handlebars Luke
Bloody Taxi Driver
Return of the Pink Pannier
The Brick Lane Bicycle Thieves
Lord of the Chainrings
Gone with the Headwind
Jurassic Cycle Park

Can you do even worse than that? I look forward to seeing your suggestions. For the benefit of the dozier readers of the Guardian bike blog, these are not real film titles. They are slightly altered versions of real film titles which have had a word or words changed or added in order to make a reference to some aspect of cycles or cycling, for amusing effect. Hope that's clear.


  1. Handlebarfly
    The Go-farther
    The Go-farther II
    The Go-farther III
    Trike Amigos
    Bakfiets to the Future
    I, Batavus (OK, that's a TV show..)
    The Fixie
    The Not Too Fast and the Not Too Furious
    Gone with the Schwinn (stolen from the Muppets

  2. have you seen our film currently running at the Bicycle Film Festival? Its called Where are you Go. Check out the trailer on YouTube.