13 March 2009

Skidge, Skorn, and Misery to Appietown: Bike route with the strangest names

One of our regular correspondents has just posted a comment to my blog entry earlier today which is so good I'm promoting it to its own entry here.

He wondered which National Cycle Route takes you through the most interestingly-named places, and nominates NCR1. Here's why.

Top class work there, Nigel. Many thanks.

I nominate NCR 1. My favourite place name on this route in London is Mudchute, well-known for its city farm and DLR station. For some reason it isn't shown on the OS map so here it is on OpenCycleMap (the thick red line going north-south is NCR 1).

However if you follow it a few miles further north the places get even more interesting.

One particular section sounds particularly appealing, starting at Quoyloo. From there you ride north through Knowes of Yonbell, Skorn, Stara, breezy Windbreck, Harpsquoy, Skidge (I'm reminded of that Rowan Atkinson school roll-call sketch) to Oxtro, though if you prefer you can avoid busy Oxtro and follow the alternative route of NCR 1 via Mount Misery, which offers views over Point of Snusan.

The two routes rejoin and you continue through Feaval and Hillquoy to Knowles of Lingo. Abune-the-hill is on your right.

Then turn left and follow the road round the lake to Crismo, Costa and Clook.

Continue down the gentle hill to Wateries and Burgar before arriving in Stenso.

A short rest, then onwards through Quoys to Pulkitto, where we turn left onto a minor road and NCR 1 continues through Quoyblackie and Queenamuckle to Gorseness.

(Here a short excusion is possible to South Aittit and the Bay of Hinderayre. The best way to return to NCR 1 is via the most cheerful place in the United Kingdom, Appietown.)

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