08 March 2009

King Henry rains

How come the rain coincided exactly with the period we were outdoors today? As soon as we set out we were assaulted by blowpipe-dart drizzle that eventually turned into thunder and lightning. After an hour or so of liquid face embroidery we gave up and headed for home drenched. The fiver in my pocket was papier mâché. Inevitably, as soon as we peeled off wet things and towelled down, the sun came out and it's now all blue skies and chirpy birds outside.

But we did see some quirky things through the monsoon, including an old favourite: the suitably elemental Henry Moore sculpture surprisingly situated in Brandon Estate, Camberwell, spectated by several concrete council blocks. Moore was, of course, a Real Cyclist himself. No doubt, being a Yorkshireman, he'd have dismissed today's downpour as only spottin', and set off in his flat cap to the pub nevertheless.

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