16 March 2009

London Fields Lido's innovative 'Scunthorpe racks'

Interesting bike-parking sign here at London Fields Lido, in Hackney. (We were there yesterday on a lovely warm spring Sunday, and the pool was full of families. An outdoor pool! In Britain! Full! In mid-March!)

The sign helpfully informs you that each rack is designed to hold two bicycles, and asks you 'store your bicycle appropriately'. What they think defines 'appropriately' is unclear, given that the rack is too close to the railings for you to use it properly, as the pic shows.

Maybe they should be called Scunthorpe racks: similar to Sheffield, but inconveniently positioned.

More intriguing though is the line drawing. Instead of an explanatory graphic demonstrating how to park your bike, there's a man in jogging pants walking away. Presumably in search of better racks.

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