30 March 2009

More cycling celebs

All sorts of celebs are being outed as cyclists. TV business guru Sir Alan Sugar is one of the latest, as the Daily Mail revealed over the weekend in a long and detailed article. He's not exactly a Real Cyclist though: road cycling on his seven-grand Pinarello to keep fit is his thing, with twice-weekly spins of 50 miles in the Essex countryside.

It seems comedians are more likely to be Real Cyclists. Alistair McGowan for example, interviewed by the Sunday Times a couple of months ago, is a keen cyclist and bike commuter.

Then there's Dave Gorman, the agreeable host of the radio-turned-TV show Genius. He comes across as just the right sort of cyclist in the substantial interview he gives in the latest issue of the London Cycle Campaign magazine. (The pic is from his very large Flickr site, which has several bike images. He also Twitters enthusiastically.)

Gorman says that morning commute is great for creativity, for instance: "On the tube you try to shut the journey out and you end up shutting your brain down. On a bike you have to be completely aware of your surroundings so your brain is active... by the end of the journey some creative [idea] has popped up out of nowhere."

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  1. The fashion industry is, surprisingly, big on real cycling - I just found out yesterday that Giles Deacon is a RC, together with Wayne Hemingway, Agyness Deyn (sp?) and Paul Smith, who almost became a pro racer.