27 February 2009

Taking the ow out of Iowa

A so-called 'cyclists' Bill of Rights' has been approved by the senate in Iowa.

The bill would require motorists to maintain a five-foot distance when passing cyclists, and would give right of way to cyclists where a bike path intersects a street, among other things.

It seems unlikely to become law, as it won't be allowed through the House, rather like my bike after a muddy towpath ride. But even if not, hooray for Senator Matt McCoy, the man behind the bill, whoever he is.


  1. The Real McCoy, that's who he is.
    ('a streets' ??)

  2. It was a Latvian streets. (Linguistic joke for our Baltic readers.)

  3. Latvian likes putting an S on the end of everything. Your name would be spelt and pronounced Tims Burfords in the Riga Evening Post if they interviewed you on ecological touring. They even put an S on the end if the name already ends in an S, as in the multiple Wimbledon winner Pits Samprass.

    Anyway, I've changed 'a streets' to the English 'a street', for the benefit of future historians.

  4. Ah - so Ali's sheeps calendar is Latvian-compatible?

  5. Or was Senator McCoy refering to places where a bike path crosses A Street?

  6. ...which puts me in mind of Britain's shortest street name, AB Row in Birmingham (it's said to be on the border of Aston and Birmingham, hence the name!).

    Oh dear! I can see another gap year project here... cycling from A in Norway to Y in France via AB Row, the River D(ee), (E)x(e), (W)y(e)...