25 February 2009

Helmet? No thanks, I'm a dog

In case you haven't seen it, here's the cycling dog on YouTube that's doing the rounds.

Momo, the cycling dalmatian, appears in this 45-second clip - which seems genuine - for a Japanese TV programme.

The surtitles, as far as my rusty Japanese can tell, are:
1. Honto ni jitensha o koideru!! (genuine-ly-bicycle-[objective particle]-pedal: 'Actually pedalling a bike!!')
2. Jitensha ni noru inu Momo (bicycle-on-ride-dog-Momo: 'Momo [Peachblossom], the dog that rides a bike') (picture)

Momo may not look all that comfortable, but note that she is a Real Cyclist: no helmet, no lycra.

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