17 February 2009

Hitching a lift by the wobbly bridge

In the current situation, it's nice to report something that should give you a bit of a lift.

In fact, it is a lift (right). It's just next to the wobbly bridge, which splendidly links St Paul's Cathedral and Tate Modern. It doesn't wobble any more of course, but 'Millennium Bridge' is a boring name.

Even more boringly, you're not supposed to cycle across the bridge. But it's an easy and pleasant push across, and you can bike your way along the south bank for one of the world's greatest cityscape cycling views.

And if you want to get down with your bike on the north bank to the riverside footpath, you don't have to schlepp it down the steps. This 'Inclinator', as it calls itself - imagine a greenhouse doing an impression of the Lynton Cliff Railway - will shuttle you and your bike between levels.

There's no good reason for using it. Except that it's there, and you can, which is good enough.

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