21 February 2009

Queen: I want to ride my bicycle

'Even the queen bicycles' in the Netherlands, enthuses another recent article about how cool Cloggie cycling culture is. (It comes in the wake of January figures showing that in Amsterdam, bike use continues to increase, and bike journeys per person have just overtaken car trips.)

For the nearest approach we've had in Britain between 'queen' and 'bike', see Mercury, F. et al: 'Bicycle Race' (London: EMI, 1976) - but it's an entertaining thought, isn't it?

1 comment:

  1. Amsterdam's cycling rate is impressive compared with any other country, the citizens each making an average of 0.87 journeys per day by bike. However, this isn't particularly high for NL. In Assen where we live people make an average of just under 1.2 journeys per day each, and in Groningen, that rises to 1.4 bicycle trips per person per day.