19 February 2009

Mae hen feic fy nhadau yn annwyl i mi

Southwark Cyclists' mailing list, first with the news as ever, has just drawn my attention to this new TV ad which features Welsh singer-songwriter Duffy riding a bike (right).

Hooray! Another victory for Real Cycling! No helmet or lycra nonsense, just a good honest generic bike. Shame it doesn't have a rack or panniers, though. And not sure I'd recommend trying to ride through convenience stores.


  1. At last! Real Cycling has converged with Real Music! I'm surprised it took you so long. I mean Land of my Fathers, of course, not the pop ditty. But have you nothing to say about the lack of lights on her bike, Mr Christmas Tree?

  2. The Highway Code is quite clear on this point. You must either (a) have adequate [lighting] provision attached to your bicycle [front and rear], or (b) have a film crew following you with a 50kW stage rig.

    Dry ice is optional.