17 September 2009

Spell in Scotland

I've been cycling in Scotland for the last week. I was genuinely impressed by how patient drivers in the Highlands are: almost without exception they'd wait behind us for a safe place to overtake, even up to a minute or more of winding rural road. (I've had similar experiences in rural England, notably Somerset.) Given Scotland's notoriously short life expectancy, they might have an excuse for getting a move on, so it was reassuring to see such courtesy and consideration.

(Let's hope TV nonentity chef James Martin, who issued a craven apology yesterday for boasting about trying to run over cyclists in a newspaper column, is too dim to find his way up there.)

Anyway, this sign (right above and below) caught my eye while up in the land of my forebears. It's for the new cycle path between Mallaig and Morar, far up the north-west coast. Some people say educational standards are slipping in Scotland, but look - they've avoided the common mistake of spelling 'principal' wrong, so well done guys! There's an identical one at the other end of the cylcle pa... oh...

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  1. Finding this too in South West Scotland, at least in the rural roads.