27 September 2009

Ale and hearty in Hamburg

More news in from our Hamburg office. At last week's car-free jamboree, detailed in previous post today, there were bottles of beer on offer.

'Radler' is an alternative word to 'Radfahrer' ('cyclist') and this particular brand was the prize awarded by the German equivalent of the CTC to anyone who answered a few questions on the German Highway Code correctly.

We think this is an excellent initiative, and has the advantage of being self-regulating: come back too many times trying to score another free beer and you'll be unable to remember the answers.

(Thanks to Ulf of the Allgemeine Deutsche Fahrrad-Club for the pics.)


  1. Yes - but it makes a nice pun.

  2. Actually, our Hamburg correspondent insists that Radler is also used to mean cyclist - perhaps because shandy is nice and weak and compatible with riding in a straight line.

  3. As my friend Ulf of the Allgemeinedeutscheradfahrradclub clearly stated in his email to me, "Radler is also a often used word for Radfahrer (person going by bike)". It doesn't just mean shandy.

    And can I take this opportunity to say I bloody hate shandy.