25 September 2009

Darwin awards? Speed limit for bikes, peds

Our northern Australia correspondent (thanks, Viola) sent us these images of a cycle path in Darwin. There's a clear speed limit at work - for both cyclists and pedestrians.

Even though I don't have a cycle computer any more, following an unfortunate incident with a biplane in the west of Ireland last year, I know when I'm cycling less than 20pkh (a bit over 12mph in proper money), because my legs are moving.

But how do all these dangerous high-speed joggers keep tabs on their speed? And surely 20kph is getting on for world-record pace for long distance running? Are Darwin's residents that super-fit?

I didn't realise they were such a problem, but perhaps we should start a campaign of complaint against the Pedestrian Peril. They don't have insurance, they don't have licence plates, a friend of a friend told me she was NEARLY RUN DOWN by one the other day, they don't pay road tax...


  1. And in this case, 'nearly run down' isn't metaphor.

  2. There is also a speed limit sign of 12MPH on the cycle path in London Fields, Hackney as you enter from the entrance nearest Pub on the Park. It appeared a week or two ago.. no speed cameras though!

  3. Shit I can walk faster than 10mph when I wear lycra

  4. Maybe their worried about an influx of Jamaican sprinters. Usain Bolt's doing in the region of 36 km/h when he's doing his stuff. On the other hand, Paula Radcliffe's knocking out just over 18 km/h when breaking a world record.