30 September 2009

Bike Monopoly 17: Community Chest 2 of 3

My favourite C-Chest card was always You Have Won Second Prize in a Beauty Contest, Collect £10. Clearly, the only way this could happen to me would be in a field of two.

And the obvious way to celebrate this entertainingly silly piece of pulchritudinous bounty is the Tower Hamlets Wheelers Glamour Ride, held annually in Bike Week (late June). There are no cash prizes, but the best dressed boys and girls get something even better - immortality, and stardom on a hundred tourists' Flickr sites, in the knowledge that the more extravagant the costume, the less you will be recognised.

Marie Antoinette? Hah! I'm running up my Priscilla Queen of the Desert outfit for next June already. That tenner is in the bag. And if not, maybe Go To Jail Go Directly To Jail.

1 comment:

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