08 September 2010

Success for team visiting all bike hire stations in a day

We've just noticed on Londonist the success of the 24 hour London Bike Hire Challenge.

Last Thursday, two teams attempted to visit all 336 docking stations in 24 hours by hire bike: over 100 miles of travel. (See map)

The teams, led by Patrick Bishop, were raising money for a water projects charity.

One team managed it, despite having only seven minutes available for each journey, and the doubts of critics who should know better. (Though it looks like they wisely dropped the sumo suit idea.)

(The other team had to drop out when their keys wouldn't work properly. Bad luck. I thought it was frustrating enough when my key didn't work the other day and I had to walk to the off-licence instead.)

Congratulations. And lucky that they hadn't scheduled their attempt for yesterday, when strike-busting cyclists hoovered up most of the hire bikes.


  1. Awesome challenge! I didn't realise they had to dock/undock at each station?! That's pretty epic. Wonderful charity too :D

  2. Wow..Its a great Challenge..Awesome..
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