12 September 2010

Domino effect: Pizzas by bike

The branch of Dominos pizza in Queen St, in the City, does a lot of its deliveries by bike. (Delivery policies are not set centrally by the company, but locally by franchise holders.) We saw six of them stacked up the other day.

Given the current bike boom in London, we think restaurant menus should add some new pizzas for cyclists:

Bike Hire Scheme pizza Half the time, arrives as an empty plate. The other half, the pizza does arrive, but there's nowhere on the table to put it

Cycle Superhighway pizza Whatever toppings happened to be there before, only now coloured blue

Boris pizza Lots of capers but little else


  1. Can we have a "narrow lanes" pizza - pizzas with a thin crust that resemble narrow cycle lanes, stuffed with loose chippings and other detritus?

  2. mainstream cyclist pizza - weighs only 104g and is made of carbon
    lcc pizza - you can ONLY eat it blended together with a hamburger, a hot dog, a shish, a donner...

  3. Lol, I think pizza delivery should always be done on bikes- that's great!


  4. They look like ex-Royal Mail postbikes - nice to see them going to good use.