11 September 2010

2010, year of the blues

Blue is clearly the biking colour of 2010: the Barclays-tinted hire bikes, the kerbside cobalt of the Superhypeways...

Now a dive shop has got into the act as well, with this icepop-coloured advert bike, spotted outside Sainsbury's in Clapham. Very nice, but I wish people wouldn't use our bike racks as free advertising space when I'm stopping off to buy a loaf.

Unless, of course, it's some sort of wry comment on the depths to which London's cycle facilities have sunk.


  1. This is Illegal using a Bike Parking Stand as an Advertisement Prop you should Report them to the Council.

  2. I'd have no qualms removing the illegally placed billboard, cutting their locks and wheeling it into their shop and telling them off.

  3. rarely have i seen such an ostentatious invitation to do graffiti.

  4. This bike (or a copy of it) often appears around Clapham Common area. It doesn't bother me at all. I just thought it was yet another creative way to use bicycles. Having said that, I might not be so forgiving if loads of companies start doing so and take up parking space :-)