08 November 2009

Odd signs in Mallorca

Mallorca is a deservedly popular destination for cycling holidays. Huge mountains in the north offer some long gradual climbs with awesome views, while the flat plains of the south are criss-crossed with quiet lanes giving you endless opportunities to question the accuracy of Balearic mapmaking.

But what struck me when I was there on a very pleasant biking trip the other week was the signs. Some are unusual and useful, like this one clearly saying you need a mountain bike. (Actually I did lose a filling on the trip, but that was down to a nub of bone in a hamburger in Soller, not an unwise road-bike shortcut down a bumpy farm track.)

Others are more puzzling. This one, for example, on the mountain road to Orient. Cyclists, beware of miniature flying goats?

And this one in Palma - which presumably is signifying a two-way bike lane - must surely set a record for the sheer number of cycle symbols in one place. There were more bikes on this sign than we saw using the lane all evening.

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