07 November 2009

Chorus of disapproval for bike iPod speaker

BikeRadar carried a news item yesterday about a bike-friendly iPod speaker that sits in your bottle cage (right). The idea of a bike speaker isn't new, of course – I posted about a handlebar-mounted system in May. We've heard nothing about it since.

Most cyclists seem to hate the idea of bike-mounted speakers, if the comments on the BikeRadar item are a fair indication.

But it did get me wondering, again, about bike-related music. Here are a few suggestions. No doubt you can do just as badly; browse Socrata's list of Top 1000 songs for inspiration...

Diamond frames are forever
Ain't no mountain bike high enough
I want to hold your handlebar
Hey! You've gotta hide your gloves away
Penny cycle lane
Not good vibrations
Let's twistgrip again
Should I stay or should I go? Oh, it's only a red light
Itchycoo cycle park
Big yellow taxi blocking my cycle lane
Papa's got a brand new barbag
That'll be the Dahon
Message in a bottle cage


  1. I think I prefer the sound of Street Pianos (we came up with a few suggestions for what they might play in June).

    But some idle googling comes up with the song Puncture Repair by Elbow . I don't know what the tune is; it seems to be a song of gratitude, with the lines "The cavalry with tea and sympathy | You were there | Puncture Repair" and ends with "you patched me up and sent me on my way". Charming.

  2. Sprocket. (cf Herbie Hancock...)