13 January 2009

New Year Bike Quiz 2 of 2

The second part of yesterday's quiz.


11 According to a survey by Cycling England in September 2008, 64 per cent of women (right) never cycle. What was the main reason (cited by over half of them)?
A Didn't want to arrive at work sweaty
B Helmets would ruin hairstyle
C Partner didn't like it
D Worried about getting lost

12 How many cycling golds did Britain win at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing?

13 In 1954 a young man got into boxing accidentally when his bike was stolen. Furious, he found a police officer who happened to be a boxing coach, who persuaded him to take up boxing to channel his aggression. Who was the young man?

14 Which band released the single Bicycle Race in 1978, which featured a large photo of several dozen nude women cyclists?

15 What links Oscar Pereiro, Alberto Contador, and Carlos Sastre?

16 A classic 1948 Italian realist film about the search for a stolen bicycle was re-released in December 2008. What is the title?

17 Gold Hill, Shaftesbury, Dorset (above right), is famous for what cycling reason?
A Thomas Hardy broke his leg riding down it
B Dropped at last minute from Tour of Britain in 2008
C Setting for a TV advert
D Olympic cyclists Bradley Wiggins was born there

18 In 2006 Bath University researcher Ian Walker studied the space given by cars overtaking cyclists, and concluded that which one of the following is safer than wearing a helmet?
A Sign on bike saying 'KEEP BACK'
B Cycling on pavement
C Using lights in daylight
D Wearing a long blonde wig

19 England's biggest body of water (right) has a traffic-free bike path all round it. What county is it in?

20 Which of the following is illegal?
A Breaking the speed limit on a bike
B Refusing a breathalyser test while cycling
C Riding two abreast
D Cycling to church on Christmas Day

11. A was the chief worry. C, however, was also a concern, followed by D. More
12. Eight. More
13. Cassius Clay, now Muhammad Ali. More
14. Queen. More
15. Tour de France winners 2006, 2007, 2008. More
16. The Bicycle Thieves (Ladri di biciclette). More
17. C. The Hovis advert was filmed there in 1971. More - Ad on YouTube
18. D. The wig suits you. More
19. Rutland. More
20. *Updated 3 Feb 2009* All of them. The Holy Days Act 1551 said you must go to church on Christmas Day, and you must walk, but was repealed in 1969 (I'm told). Nothing wrong with the others.


  1. I like the Bike Rack Bondage Barbie, a lot. Does it exist anywhere else (flickr?) on the web?


  2. doh, found it, and its even better un-cropped: