18 January 2009

Enhanced 'Are you a real cyclist' page

I've enhanced the 'Are you a real cyclist?' quiz.

It's now on a new page on my bizarrebiking.com site, with pictures and automated push-button scoring.

And, incidentally, I see from today's Sunday Times that comedian and impressionist Alistair McGowan is a cyclist. Apparently he cycles seven miles to work and back every day.

Let's hope that if we ever happen to be stopped next to each other at the lights, he doesn't say to me 'Oy, you're that bloke that edits the website for the British Library, aren'cha? Go on, do a bit of JavaScript for us.'


  1. I'm borderline 40-45 points depending what you count. (I've transported a CD rack that's taller than I am on my bike, but I was wheeling the bike).

    You don't have bonus points for having had more than one bit nicked. Or for having recovered a stolen bike (in my case by recognising it chained up outside the local cinema 18 months after it was nicked).

    Or for cycling in snow thick enough to clog up your mudguards and freeze solid so you have to drag your bike home.

  2. More than one *bike* nicked, that is.

  3. Ah, just worked out 'lnr'!

    I guess anything taller than yourself counts as a comedy maximum-pointer.

    Come to think of it, I once transported a very drunk woman home from a party, sitting on my rack, and she was taller than me, so that should score something. I didn't on the night, though.

  4. 84 ? LEJOG helped a lot. Generally I manage to fix things, but when my handlebars fell off once, I couldn't. Once had a policeman with a speed camera give me thumbs up when I went past him at over the limit, and didn't learn to drive until I was 27 (and am car free again now).

    I think this counts as a comedy cargo load, and I rode an 80 km round trip with it.

    However, I've never had a bike nicked and don't think critical mass really achieves anything.

  5. Respect! I clock in about 80-83, depending on how cold that winter commute in 1981 actually was. And that's with me fixing the questions.

  6. 74

    Trying a 'bent or getting tossed off public transit would improve my score.

  7. Actually a friend has just pointed out that the holiday we had in Norfolk cycling the coast and staying at B&Bs is clearly equivalent to the C2C, so I should count that. Which gets me up to 55. It wasn't sponsored though, and 90 miles Oxford-Cambridge which *was* sponsored (and in one day) isn't quite long enough to count.

    BTW the same conversation has revealed that the Holy Days Act 1551 is no longer in force, so it is in fact legal to cycle to church on Christmas Day:

    "This Act was repealed by the Statute Law Revision Act 1888, and the Statute Law (Repeals) Act 1969."

  8. Phew! Good news for many people I'm sure.

    And free legal advice too! Thanks for that. I'll edit the bike99 pages tonight to reflect it.