20 April 2009

Thames Crossings 5: Kew Bridge

Downriver from Richmond Lock footbridge, the bridges are starting to look much the same from the side now. Kew Bridge is another structure of Twickenhamesque mundanity if you only see it from the road, dating from 1903. The shared pedestrian/cycle path dumps you onto a complex but safe swirl of crossings on the north bank.

Head for the riverbank and follow the series of characterful footpaths through an area called Strand on the Green for a mile and a half. Most of it you can physically cycle, but you're supposed to push most of the way, so use your good judgement. There's plenty of delightful period riverside cottages and houses and some historic pubs, which can help break up that long walk.

The riverside path leads you up to Chiswick Bridge.

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