01 April 2009

April Fool? Real life's absurd enough

No bike-themed April Fools from me today. As the protesters in the City today will be pointing out, there's plenty enough absurdity in the world.

And there's enough amusement in the streets. Last night, with time in hand before a dinner engagement, I cycled round Bloomsbury. First was this car corpse, neatly parked as if nothing was amiss. Victim of hit-and-run parking? A just-driveable accident survivor, parked by its teenage borrower in the hope his parents wouldn't notice the damage?

Further up, something I'd never seen before: a bike fitted with a spare wheel. Fixing a puncture isn't that hard, surely?

And finally, in the Brunswick - a shopping centre that looks like it should be in a British expats' enclave of Marbella - this sign. A perfectly reasonable request...

...until you see the tiny area it apparently applies to. Not even a tricycling toddler could ride round that.

1 comment:

  1. That car is great, I don't know what kjind of hit and run could possibly do that damage and not move the car out of its spot. Im voting for the kid trying to slip one past his parents.