01 July 2012

Currying favour: Bradford Skyride

We were at Bradford Skyride today. So, after a fine local breakfast – liver curry and puris from Cafe Regal on White Abbey Road – we joined the bibbed masses for the start at Centenary Square (right).

I’m not an unqualified fan of big-sponsor mass-participation events, as I’ve made unclear in previous blogs about local Skyrides.

However, this was a definite success: well organised, and all rather fun.

Indeed, the road closures made it a great way to see central Bradford, and its grand honey-coloured buildings dating from the late Victorian boom days, largely unspoilt by, er, much subsequent business having taken place.

Such car-free sightseeing was especially good for those unfamiliar with Bradford, such as us, having spent most of our previous visits sheltering from heavy rain.

Not so this time - the rain was torrential instead.

Nevertheless, lots of local families were out in force, braving the wet weather (right).

(Actually, that’s the fountain in Centenary Square, which you were cordially invited to aquaplane across.)

On the home half of the two-mile-ish circuit up to Lister Park and back, we stopped off for refuelling at Koffie and Cake, a rather splendid new Italian-run cafe (right).

The bibs and corporate razzle I can take or leave, but cake shops like this are an unqualified plus.


  1. what do u mean by much subsequent business taken place?

  2. I mean a lot of those elegant buildings are in fine condition but empty, forlornly for sale or rent. Little Germany for instance seems deserted, apart from one (very busy) Chinese restaurant. And the world's biggest cat litter tray - the stalled shopping centre project that scars the area between the two train stations - doesn't help. Shame, as we rather like visiting Bradford.