07 June 2012

Pass notes: Cycle-friendly sign in Clapham

I was in London over the Jubilee weekend. No, not celebrating archaic hereditary privilege, but in search of excellent, cheap South Indian curries in Tooting.

En route to Chennai Dosa, a fine restaurant at the epicentre of the Asian quarter - and I use the word pretty accurately, in its seismic sense - we went past this sign in Clapham.

I've seen similar signs in Cambridge, but never here in York.

I'm happy to preserve some differences between us and the capital - it's quite nice having decent fish and chips, fresh air, lovely local pubs and plumbers who speak English and only charge a fiver for fixing your leaky tap the same day you call them - but this is one aspect of London I'd like to see more of up north.

1 comment:

  1. Unfortunately drivers pay no attention to these signs, especially that one in Clapham. I've found drivers along that stretch of road not just overtaking, but also doing it in a very aggressive way. I've taken to avoiding that stretch of road.