19 June 2012

Flame and fortune: Olympic torch comes to York

The Olympic torch is coming through York. Which is great, though we're a bit wary of running around with flames too close to our Minster, given what happened in 1984 (right, pic from Minster website).

Anyway, this evening, around 5.30pm, the torch will be accompanied by a cycling escort, including me. This is a special privilege (only Cambridge has a similar bike entourage) granted to York, as cycling is one of the things it is most associated with.

So, it was either cyclists, or having the torch followed by a rowdy collection of hen parties.

I recently contributed an opinion piece on it to YorkMix, which is a rather good new what's-on web guide to the city.

So if there's any kind of comedy relight needed, when the torch is misappropriated by a drunken gaggle of women in high heels and nun outfits, you'll no doubt read it first there.

I'll report in full on the Olympic Torch Cycle Escort tomorrow.

Meanwhile, a quick mention to Stuart Potter, who's starting a ride today from Edinburgh to London to raise awareness of mental illness. I wrote an article recently for the CTC magazine about the benefits of cycling on well-being, so I'm happy to wish Stuart the best of luck for his trip.


  1. I've not heard anything locally about cyclists accompanying the Olympic Torch when it visit Cambridge. The local council webpage has no mention.

  2. Rum... the emails we got here from the council inviting us to participate said that York and Cams were the only two cities with the honour of bike escorts. I suppose I should know better than to take the council's word for it!