24 March 2012

Public bike pumps? I'll drink to that

A public bicycle pump has been installed near Waterloo station, on Kennington Road outside the Three Stags Pub, my old south London stomping ground.

This exciting news, and picture, comes from the SE1 website.

It's another inventive cycle-parking initiative from Anthony Lau. Other works of Anthony's I've blogged about before include the Cyclehoop (which converts lamp-posts and street signs into cycle parking) and a car-shaped bike rack (which has been doing the rounds of south London, sometimes taking locked bikes with it when it gets moved).

Putting the bike pump outside a pub is an excellent idea. If your tyres are a bit flat you can top them up easily, and enjoy a beer while you do so.

If only London's outrageously short-measure pub pints were as easily seen to. Living in York does have its advantages.


  1. A good looking thing too. Let's pump it up,

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  3. About time too, let's hope they roll it out

  4. This is a great idea and heres to hoping they roll these and many more cycling initiatives out across London and other major cities in the UK.

  5. The first one of these I saw was at the Milton Keynes campus of the Open University which has one next to their bike shed and bike parking area. I'm glad to see they're becoming more common.

  6. The first time I saw one of these was on the Open University campus at Milton Keynes. I'm very glad indeed to see they're available elsewhere!