27 January 2012

Pedtime story: Dogged by cycle-path gatecrashers

A cyclist was knocked off her bike following a collision with a man who was walking dogs on a cycle track in Cleethorpes, the Grimsby Telegraph informs us this morning.

The woman in question had enough time to ring her bell on three occasions, but evidently not enough time to brake, so we're a bit puzzled as to how the collision managed to occur at all. What dogs was he walking? Greyhounds?

But we're pleased to see that the traditional race in the 'Comments' added to any online article mentioning cyclists - to see who can be first to irrelevantly mention jumping red lights or road tax - was won on this occasion by one Lincs4ever, coming straight in at Comment No 2.

(I'm wondering who'll be the first to say that this incident shows that pedestrians should be licensed, and pay pavement tax, and be forced to have insurance, etc.)

If the chap involved had really wanted to use the cycle path to walk his mutts, he could have followed the example of the man in the picture (top right), snapped last Sunday on the cycle track around Rutland Water.

He was 'walking' his hound on a bike with a ferocious tailwind, meaning he didn't even have to pedal: dog exercising the lazy man's way.

Or, of course, busy woman's (right).

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