01 December 2011

Art monitor: Bikes compulsory at Royal Academy

With the ambiguity of the underground's legendary 'Dogs must be carried' notice in mind, I was amused to see this sign in the courtyard of the Royal Academy, London, the other day.

What about visitors who don't have bikes? Perhaps a Barclays Hire Bike will do?


  1. There's a YouTube video of an April Fool this year where some 'DFL' officials 'enforce' the dogs-must-be-carried 'rule':


  2. http://www.cyclestreets.net/location/12980/ - trust me to miss the obvious joke. Oh well.

  3. I saw a notice in the bathroom in this Chilean hostel: 'Shower until 23.00'. Cripes, I thought,it's only 8am, surely the hot water will run out. And I'm not sure we'll all fit in.