11 October 2009

Oh deer: Tea-shop story from the Highlands

Many of the best encounters you have on cycle trips come in tea shops. On our recent trip to Scotland we were pleased to see some red deer wandering round the hills on Glenelg peninsula near Arnisdale. We thought this was Scottish enough, but there was more.

We were a bit taken aback two minutes later to find that one of the stags was a regular in Sheena's Tea Shop, a delightfully make-do hut in the remote village of Corran. There it is, waiting to be served, or possibly checking it out for a stag do.

Apparently it's called Bin Laden, after its ability to disappear. The name is pronounced 'bin lay-den', which sounds like a house name for retired cycle tourers.


  1. But howe does the deer manage to ring the bell for service?!

  2. I spoke to the lady who owns the tea shop in June 2010 + she told me Bin Laden is sadly no more......He got shot because he was an agressive little scroat! He now fills some Corran deep freezers.Bin Ladens son came into the garden when we were having tea + apparently he is OK + doesn`t get stroppy....So I guess he`s safe!