15 January 2012

Half time: Green light for unicycles

We were intrigued by this traffic light on the Malton Road, on the northeast edge of York.

It's one of those curious places with a permanent green cycle signal, enabling cyclists to go through the left-hand bike channel whatever the main signal is showing.

Except the signal seems to be for the rear half of the bike only. A unicycle? A child's tagalong?

Somehow, cycle facilites in Britain always end up half-measures.

1 comment:

  1. I'll remember to pack a hacksaw next time I'm cycling in York.

    I don't know what the junction is, but I like the always on green cycle light!

    re red lights: I'm a hop-off-and-leg-it-across-the-junction-this-is-technically-legal-hop-back-on sort of cyclist.